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Shot Show 2017

Shot Show 2017

As the SD group descended on "Sin City" we knew we were a little unprepared but excited to be there. 

The main goal of traveling to Shot 2017 was to meet up with a few of our dealers and and make a few new contacts and of course, check out the latest and greatest that our industry has to offer. That alone is reason to visit Shot Show. 

Day one we happened upon one of our dealers Team Tactical Works, Inc. w.(www.tacticalworks.com) at the Master Piece Arms (MPA) booth. We had the chance to catch up and thank them for their help with the article published by Jerking the Trigger (www.jerkingthetrigger.com) on our new MDOT Emoji. 

Next we met up with Kevin of US Tactical Supply (www.ustacticalsupply.com) at their booth. We dropped off a few of our MDOT Emoji samples, had a quick chat and thanked him for being one of our dealers. 

Thursday we had a conversation that we hope might lead to an exciting and rewarding future project with a group with an awesome mission. We can't let the "cat out of the bag" just yet however if everything falls into place we hope to release new products by Shot Shot 2018. 

With Shot Show 2017 in the books, time to hit the range.