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What is Scope Dope?

The Scope Dope, Ballistic Data Quick Reference kit is a simple but necessary tool for anyone engaged in the art of precision shooting, whether at paper, game or bad guys. Scope Dope gives an operator quick access to critical ballistic information when they need it. Right now!

The Scope Dope kit has several components. The primary component is a quick reference ballistic data disc designed to fit inside the cover of a “flip-open” riflescope cap like those made by Butler Creek. The Scope Dope kit also comes with a rectangular range card. The data disc and range card are made from heavy die cut vinyl combined with an ultra durable UV cured printing for a professional look and unsurpassed durability.

Using you own ballistic data for your specific load and rifle combination you pre-record critical ballistic data using the waterproof permanent pen onto the data disc. Mount the data disc inside of you Butler Creek scope cap and all of your critical information is right where it needs to be when you need it, right in front of you.

  • Pre-record rifle/ammunition specific ballistic data (DROP/DRIFT) out to 1000 yards/meters
  • Record adjustment as MOA, clicks or inches of hold-over/under etc
  • Range Card fits perfectly on the Mildot Master ballistic data section
  • Change data discs for specific rifle/bullet/load combinations in seconds
  • Waterproof! Reusable! Change data anytime
  • Know your dope!

It’s simple to install with no alterations to the scope or the scope cap, and it’s easy and fast to change out discs. Change data for a variety of loads in seconds. Scope Dope is perfect for all of your long range shooting, hunting, tactical or precision target needs. No serious rifle marksman will be without Scope Dope.

Scope Dope flawlessly compliments all riflescope models, including Leupold, Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender, US Optics, Leatherwood, Unertl, Bushnell, BSA, Burris, Redfield, Swarovski, IOR Valdada, Sightron and many others. Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, competition shooter or an avid hunter, we are confident that Scope Dope will become a regular part of your shooting kit.