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Law Enforcement (LEO)

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The new Scope Dope LEO version is specifically designed with the law enforcement professional in mind. 

The typical LEO scenario may require an officer to shoot at much shorter ranges, but requires a much more precise shot than most military or target applications. When lives are in the balance, precision is critical. Scope Dope LEO makes sure that you are on target.

The Scope Dope LEO Kit contains a pre-printed disk and range card from 25 meters/yards to 225 meters/yards for closer engagements. 

LEO Kit Contents:

1- ScopeDope disc (25 to 250 meters/yards pre-printed)
1- ScopeDope data card (25 to 250 meters/yards pre-printed)
1- Semi-permanent marking pen
1- Set of adhesive Velcro strips
5- double-sided stick tabs
2- alcohol cleaning pads