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Scope Dope LT. LR/LEO/Standard Sheet

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The Scope Dope LT. LR/LEO/Standard "Sheet" was developed to provide users with an easy to use solution that carries a lower cost as an alternative to our Scope Dope Heavy Duty (SD HD) kits. Scope Dope LT. includes the same dope points and layout as our popular SD HD kits however in a self-adhesive vinyl application. 

The SD LT. Sheet includes two 40mm Data Discs (Standard and LR/LEO), and two Data Cards (LR/LEO and Standard).  The Data Cards being self-adhesive, users can decide where to place their dope be it on magazines, stocks, tags, "sky's is the limit".  

The LR/LEO series allows the operator to input his zero and distances where the Standard series has predetermined distances from 100 - 1000 allowing the user enter their specific dope. 

Last but not least, included in the Scope Dope LT. Combo sheet is 1"x5" official Scope Dope Sticker to help keep our shameless marketing director happy.